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We need your help to support manta ray conservation research! This research will explore the use of genetic techniques to improve the management and protection of these threatened ocean giants.


UWA’s research with the Aboriginal community identified a need for clear information about oral health for children. We need your help in disseminating these informative posters and developing further resources.


Preterm birth affects 15 millions babies and their families every year. This new test provides the earliest chance of detecting premature birth, with a simple blood test. Help us raise the funds to complete the validation stage and bring this life changing test to women.

Help Protect the Colobus Monkeys of Rwanda


The Ruwenzori Colobus Monkey is restricted to only a few fragmented sites in Eastern Africa, and is endangered by future habitat loss. By studying the resource and habitat requirements for this species we can play a part in conserving this endangered species in the wild.

Homeward Bound: Empowering Women for a more Sustainable Future


What if achieving gender balance at the leadership table was one of the most effective ways to influence environmental sustainability and reduce human impact?

Help Support Western Australian Writing with Westerly Magazine


Westerly needs your help to continue producing Western Australian writing. With recent arts funding cuts, we are turning to the community to help us raise the funds to pay our wonderful writers.

How nature and nurture created biodiversity in south-western Australia


Help archaeologists learn more about how Aboriginal Australians conserved wildlife.

Help Save the Pygmy Hippo


Join us as we help save the Pygmy Hippo. Help support conservation research for this smaller hippo, native to rainforests of West Africa.