Evaluating Car Driver Attitudes towards Cyclists in WA

Project Plan

Car drivers and cyclists often share the roads and their interaction can cause friction between these two parties. Cyclists often report drivers as showing dangerous and inconsiderate behaviour, and similarly car drivers often identify cyclists as reckless and irresponsible. Accidents involving cyclists and car drivers are often dangerous and in some cases end tragically. Some of these dynamics on the roads deter individuals from using a bicycle as a mode of transport, because they fear it is unsafe.


Because cycling has many health benefits for the cyclists and can reduce congestion, pollution, and noise levels, fewer people cycling is bad news for everyone. Particularly in more and more densely populated cities, cycling is one of the modes of transports that can support effective mobility. Therefore, getting more people to cycle is beneficial for the individuals that obtain health benefits from cycling, it is also good news for those around them.

To encourage cycling and improve interactions of cyclists with car drivers on the roads, it is essential to understand what issues underpin their interactions. This study investigates some of the factors that may play a role in car drivers’ and cyclists’ contacts on the roads from the perspective of car drivers. The insights generated by this study can inform initiatives and changes that can improve the interactions of cyclists and car drivers on the roads.

Your Support


Do you have a driving licence?

Are you over 18?

Then this study is for you!

All you have to do is give 15 minutes of your time. The questions you will be asked concern your typical behaviour towards cyclists when driving, as well as your thoughts about a number of related issues.

By providing your time and insights, you are helping us to untangle the dynamics of car drivers’ and cyclists’ interactions on the roads. This can inform initiatives and policies, so that it can be ensured they actually address the most central issues that are at play. Ultimately, this research will help make roads safer and more enjoyable for cyclists and car drivers alike. So go ahead, click on the link above to take part…