Plan My Australia Community Survey

Project Plan

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia’s population will increase from 25 to 53 million by 2101 mostly due to immigration.

If half of this 28 million increase disperses across existing Australian cities and towns, this survey asks you where the remaining 14 million Australians should live,

We want to know where you think these future Australians should go…..

You are invited to participate in the Plan My Australia survey because you live in Australia and have a stake in its future.

The Planning Institute of Australia is promoting the need for a long-term ‘National Settlement Strategy’ for managing population growth. The results of this survey will inform this much-needed planning.

The ‘Plan My Australia Survey’ is part of a Discovery Project entitled ‘Australia’s new cities: past, present and future’ funded by the Australian Research Council.

Satellite Cities Plan

In Australia, population growth tends to be seen as a ‘problem to be solved.’ Rather, we feel population growth offers us collectively, a huge creative opportunity.

The idea of a survey to explore the twin issues of population growth and city building came about because in a democracy (such as Australia’s) no planning for cities can work unless it has broad-base support. This unprecedented survey is about understanding where Australians think ‘future Australians’ should live.

The Plan My Australia Community Survey is part of a Discovery Project entitled ‘Australia’s new cities: past, present and future’ funded by the Australian Research Council (DP190101093). This Project will investigate the conceptualisation, creation and promotion of new cities in Australia since the mid-20th century. Expected outcomes of this Project include contribution to the national conversation regarding population growth and city-building.

Rail Cities Plan

The survey is being conducted by Dr Julian Bolleter, Dr Paula Hooper and Dr Nicole Edwards from the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) at the University of Western Australia. AUDRC is focused on the delivery of healthy and sustainable cities in this urban century. The broader team on this project comprises researchers from the University of Melbourne, Monash University, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Western Australia and includes David Nichols, Robert Freestone, Paul Walker and Elizabeth Taylor.

Inland Cities Plan

Your Support

We are conducting the Plan My Australia Community Survey to understand the preferences of Australians for where future Australians should live in the big cities, in regional cities, or in cities we haven’t even built yet…

The highly visual survey will require approximately 10 minutes to complete and needs to be completed in one sitting (ideally at a computer). We will provide some background information and ask you to evaluate different population distribution plans. There are several general, COVID-19 and demographic multiple choice questions at the end.

Please forward the survey on to people you may think would be interested.

Thank you for completing the Plan My Australia Survey, your input is much appreciated.