CMVictory Study

Project Plan

We are looking for healthy women (aged 16 to 40 years) to take part in an important study aiming to help protect babies from life-threatening birth defects caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV).

  • CMV is a common viral infection that can be very dangerous in pregnancy and lead to babies being born with severe, life-long disabilities and hearing loss.
  • It is one of the leading causes of birth defects yet there is currently no vaccine available to protect against CMV.
  • Researchers are evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational CMV vaccine that may prevent future generations from contracting the virus.

Your Support

Healthy women aged 16 to 40 years are invited to take part!

Participants aged 20 years and over must have close contact with a child aged five years or under for at least eight hours a week.

For more information or to get involved:

Please contact the study staff at the Vaccine Trials Group – part of the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases based at Telethon Kids Institute:

This trial has been approved by the ethics committee at Monash Health.