Sleep well for mood

Project Plan

Sleep health is important for supporting mood and mental well-being. People with insomnia symptoms are more likely to report low mood and treatment of insomnia can have positive impact on mood. There are a number of ways that insomnia treatment may have a positive impact on mood and our study aims to investigate this.

Our research involves offering insomnia treatment and will help to better understand the link between sleep and mood. We hope that this research will inform advances in treatment.

Your Support


We are inviting adults who are 55 years or older, and, have insomnia symptoms, to express an interest in participating in our research.

Where and when?

UWA Robin Winkler Clinic, Nedlands | Throughout 2023-2024

Participation involves:

  1. Having your sleep and mood assessed at 3 key stages of the study (before treatment starts, after treatment finishes and follow-up). This includes wearing an actiwatch that will assess your sleep.
  2. Attending a 4-week group insomnia treatment. This is the first-line recommended treatment for insomnia: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.
  3. Attending a screening session.

Benefits of participating:

You will help the field of clinical psychology better understand the relationship between mood and sleep. You may also benefit from improved sleep and wellbeing as a result of your involvement in the study. CBT-I is a gold standard treatment for insomnia, and you will learn key techniques which can help you sleep better and prevent insomnia relapse.

Project Members

Dr Melissa Ree
Chief investigator

Director (Sleep Matters & Jeffery & Ree Clinical Psychologists)

Prof. Romola Bucks

Director (The Raine Study) & Pro Vice Chancellor (Health & Medical Research)

Vanika Lall
PhD Candidate (UWA)

This research has UWA Human Ethics Approval: ET000327

For more information please contact Vanika Lall: